Rosario Chávez

Fotografia de Rosario Chávez

Who I Am Today
Rosario Chávez Girón, Pharmaceutical, Traditional Chinese Doctor and Ecological and Ecological Cook, Wife, Mother and Traveler, who loves to taste and make known the flavors of the World to those who want to explore every corner of their Soul.

The experience acquired in the last 25 years as a vegetarian and therapist brings me closer to a world of traditional flavors and artisan methods of food preparation, in this sense the development of the Gaia Ecological Center responds exactly to the course of a life dedicated to Ecology, Sustainable Development and Soul Medicine. The practice in consultation and the development of change of habits in the patients and students approaching them to the energetic concept developed by the MTC

Since 1984 I have devoted my entire interest to the promotion of Ecology and Health, from work in individual therapy to lectures and conferences, the opening of the Gaia Ecological Store in 1993, the Ecological Restaurant in 2007 and the Ecological Supermarket in 2009. The development of vegetarian dishes made with 100% organic ingredients, according to the season and emphasizing the local products of organic producers, its dissemination through workshops and conferences, are the way to lead a work life that is a pleasure. The teaching and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine occupies the first place in my multiple interests, the diffusion of TCM is for me a way of life more than a job.

Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Seville 1990
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Madrid (Beijing University 1999)
Diploma in Naturopathy from the Higher School of Naturism Hufeland de Seville 1994
Diploma in Family and Financial Constellations in Seville 2008
Master in Nutritional Pharmaceutical Care Funiber in Barcelona (ongoing)
Theoretical Workshop Practices of FitoCosmética Hiederbel April 1994
Traditional Chinese Dietetic Course. Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing June and July 1996
Macrobiotic Food Course with Michio Kuchi in Lanzarote October 1999
'V International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine', Barcelona 20 and 21 September 1997
Seminar on Functional Disease and Endocrinology. ANET March 2000
Clinical Specialties with Formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Giovanni Maciocia. Madrid.May 2000
Trace Element and Functional Illness Seminar I. PHO 'December 2001
'Course of Acupunctural Anesthesia and Pathologies in Traditional Chinese Medicine' by Dr. Liu Zi Li, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Yunnan. Madrid. November 2003
'Treatment of Common Diseases in Pediatrics' by Dr. Xiong Lei, Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Yunnan. Madrid. June 2004
'Electrolipolysis according to Dr. Choy's method'. Madrid. May 2005

'Thesis Uses of Angelica Sinensis in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine'. Madrid June 2000
'Tesina Uses of Astrágalus membranaceus in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine' Madrid. June 2000

'Professor of Practical and Clinical Dietetics', Higher School of Naturism Hufeland. Seville.1996-2002
'Professor of Descriptive and Clinical Western Phytotherapy', Higher School of Naturism Hufeland Seville.1996-2002
Director of the Institute of Biological Therapeutics Paracelsus 2003-2008
'Professor of Diagnosis in Acupuncture and Clinical Acupuncture, Alternative School Gaia. 2008-2010
Professor of Integral Kinesiology, Paracelsus and Gaia Schools. 2003-2010
Professor in the area of Ecological Restoration in the Master of Ecology at the Pablo Olavide University. Seville 2009-2010
Teacher in charge of the Ecological and Vegetarian Cooking Workshop. 1996-2018
Professor of Dietetics and Phytotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. from 2003-2018
Professor of Macrobiotic and Energy Cooking. from 2003-2018
Professor of Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. from 2003-2018
Professor of Clinical Specialties in Traditional Chinese Medicine. from 2003-2018

Nutritional Care and Diet Therapy Since 1991
Practical in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Phytotherapy Since 1999
Direction of the Ecological and Vegetarian Cuisine of Gaia Restaurant km0 Since 2007
'Royal and Illustrious Association of Pharmacists of Seville' No. Collegiate 5304 'November 2005
Member of Practitioner's Register No. 10311-373 December 1999
Member of COFENAT-UPTA nº 3543 January 2001
Member of the Aguilas group at the Alma Academy under the name: 'Cocinando Mundos' October 2007
'Member and Member of the Board of Directors of the Convivium Sevilla and Sur of Slow Food Internacional' nº ES1000001461. January 2007
Slow Food Cooks Network. January 2009

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